Sreelakshmi V Menon
Experience Designer

Growing Crazy

Growing Crazy

A one-stop solution to grow vegetables at home and
for access to purchase everything that one needs
to cultivate a practice of domestic organic gardening


Growing Crazy is meant for people living in cities who do not have much space or a lot of time but can grow healthy and organic vegetables in their homes. This project was prototyped and tested in Bangalore, India, at Dig Design Studio. Apart from being a source of information including an online store for organic seeds, it also sells a customizable ready-to-plant kit that comes with basic garden tools.






  • Gathering data from research, quick wireframes and sketches helped designing the best user experience through the Growing Crazy website.





  • Studying soil & soil mixes, compost, seeds, vegetables & herbs, mulch, garden tools, worms & pests and diseases helped in the ethnographic research. 



This project is under an NDA with Dig Design Studio, Bangalore. 
Feb - April 2013