Sreelakshmi V Menon
Experience Designer



Kaizen is a tool that helps you achieve
your goals by improving your productivity
using peer influence.


Kaizen, ( "good change") is a Japanese productivity philosophy that helps you organize everything you do. It means "constant, continuous improvement," and is a mindset you can apply anywhere, at any job. This philosophy has been applied to the tool to bring about good change in individual work-ethic and time management, as a result of being influenced by productivity levels of those who work with them










Everyone on a team signs up to form a group on Kaizen. Users assess how they best spent their past hour based on the four available options. Kaizen keeps track of team productivity and monitors insights to give valuable data to the users to enhance their work efficiency.



  • Kaizen on your desk prompts you every hour when you're working and updates the cloud on team productivity after it receives your input.



  • The four productivity states are distinctly different from each other which enables users to measure and compare individual and team productivity with a higher precision.

  • This physical input is recorded and translated into visualizations to interpret individual and team productivity to decipher work patterns and other interesting user stats. 

Team : Sreelakshmi V Menon, Arthur Carabott, Helen van Baal, Israel Gbati