Sreelakshmi V Menon
Experience Designer

Design @ redBus

The first version of's iOS App

My experiences working as a Senior User Experience Designer
at the HQ for 2 years & 2 weeks
in Bangalore, India

What did I do at redBus?

  • On my first day, I made a mailer for an email campaign in June 2015 titled "I Love Summer". Worked on creatives for online and offline campaigns then on. 
  • Updates for the android app which had just been released.
  • UX and UI for the first version of the iOS app.  It was released on the App Store 4 months later and ranked #1 app under the Travel category on the App Store in India. 
  • Redesigned the interface of the B2B management & transaction system.
  • Presentations on MS Powerpoint and Keynote for annual meetings.
  • UI for website on the mobile browser.
  • UX for the Windows App.
  • Iterations on the UX across the website and the 3 mobile apps implementing and testing new features.
  • Created UI guidelines and style sheets.
  • Design elements for Television Commercials aired across the country and other advertising initiatives. 
  • Represented the redBus Design team at conferences like UX India. Here's a blog I wrote about my time at KDY 2014 :
  • Organized and conducted user testing for the website and mobile apps.
  • Hosted the annual meet and organized cultural activities for employee engagement. 

Final UI designs subject to NDA. Cannot be disclosed.

June 2013 - June 2015