Sreelakshmi V Menon
Experience Designer

Stories From...

Stories From... is a service that connects socially isolated elders to "story seekers" who visit them regularly to listen to, capture, and publish their stories.

Stories From...

Connecting socially isolated elders to "story seekers"- 
people who visit them regularly to listen to,
capture and publish their stories.


Loneliness and social isolation are an increasing problem with age. Being isolated increases the risk of mortality and escalates physical and mental health issues. This project is a solution to tackle social stigma by way of offline interactions between people. Stories From... was designed and tested with tremendous help from various senior centers in Brooklyn, NY. 









  • creates connections between young creatives and seniors at local events
  • offers tools that provide an easy process for creating captivating stories
  • includes a platform for publishing stories online and offline







The app is used to record and upload conversations, photographs and videos. It can also provide prompts for conversations on themes that are trending to build rich, interwoven stories across the Stories from... network.









The stories published online can take many forms, depending on the background of the story seeker : prose, documentary, animation, audio, film or photography. Our website serves as a platform for directly editing and sharing these stories.








Stories from... is both actively and passively involved in the entire process : pairing up socially isolated seniors with story seekers, making sure both parties are satisfied, and collecting and publishing stories. We provide tools and information for story seekers to make the process as seamless as possible. Stories from... also brings together the best stories in themed anthologies.



Team : Sreelakshmi V Menon, Arthur Carabott, Helen van Baal, Israel Gbati