Sreelakshmi V Menon
Experience Designer



Side projects involving graphic design and digital illustration





'Saraswati' is the Goddess of learning,  knowledge and wisdom according to Hindu mythology. She is always depicted in a white saree holding a veena that representing all forms of creative arts and sciences. 
Uppalapu Srinivas introduced the mandolin to Indian music and created magic with it. He passed away in September 2014. 
I'm sure the heavens cried too that day. 
Here's Goddess Saraswati in black with a mandolin and tears in Her eyes - probably one of the few times it could have been a reality in mythology






Illustration for a digital "Save The Date" invite.









LWD Afterparty on Photoshop after the May 2017 Meetup

Exploring patterns inspired by traditional gold ornaments from Kerala, India.





Yellow Sun - My actions are being dictated by the phase of the moon
(The Raconteurs)




To illustrate a poem about the cons of consuming too much alcohol 

Character illustration








"Palanquin Bearers". Illustration for a wedding card.